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Fear is a living breathing thing.
Fear is an integral part of human beings. Fear lives in all of us, but how we manage or channel it, is what matters most.
Fear is one of life’s greatest instigators for making wrong choices and decisions. And of all the fears you will ever feel, the fear of fucking up is one of the most feared.
No one wants to be ridiculed or stigmatized for failing, whether failing at the workplace, in business, or relationship.
But you know what? You are going to fail. No matter how smart, wise or careful you are. Fucking up is a sure thing in life. So the earlier you accept this, the better for you, your health and your sanity.
So now, you’ve fucked up at this new business and lost money and time? You fucked up in your relationship for whatever reason? You fucked up and was fired or demoted in your workplace?
It is OK. It is not the end of the world.
See this fuck up as a mistake and your mistake.
Do not put the blame on anyone or the other person, even if they deserve it. That is a cop-out.
Do not see yourself as a victim even if you may be.
Own this fuck up completely.
Forgive yourself.
Ask for forgiveness from whoever you’ve wronged. It isn’t your business if they accept or not. So long as your apology is heartfelt. It’s fine.
Learn from your mistake.
Then, move on.
Life goes on.


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